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Part Number: SBC-1000
Description: SWITCHBOX

Qty per Aircraft:
Unit of Measure: EACH
Retail Price: $313.95
Inventory Status: Stock
Your Discount Price: $299.00

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Product Image

The SwitchBox 
The easiest, safest and most economical way to remotely control your engine heater
Turn on your engine heater from any phone and be ready to fly in any temperature!

  • Works great with SAFE-HEET and most other electric engine heaters
  • Remotely control any electrical device
  • Control two devices (ex. a SAFE-HEET and a coffee pot)
  • Simple to use with a phone call, text, or free iPhone, Android or web-based app
  • Custom timer up to 18 hours
  • Security list for blocking unknown callers
  • Includes 5 ft extended antenna with magnetic base

Simplify your cold weather flying routine!

The SwitchBox is controlled via phone by calling or texting a unique phone number that is provided. To turn on a device that is plugged into the SwitchBox, simply call the number, letting it ring to voicemail, then hang up. The same procedure is used to turn the device off. To turn device on, off, or to check status via text message/SMS, text the phone number with the appropriate commands.

The SwitchBox comes with an activation code for a T-Mobile account and phone number. SIM cards from other carriers may also be used. The account initially has a $3.00 credit to be used for phone calls (free if you hang up as soon as voice mail picks up) and text messages/SMS ($0.10 each). The balance of the prepaid account expires every month and will need to be replenished.

The SwitchBox app (iPhone, Android or web-based) now allows you to also visually manage the outlet status, reception strength, account balance and alerts, and custom security lists. Advanced users will appreciate the improved flow for adding new SwitchBox devices, synchronization of properties between devices, refresh of data from cloud storage, and timer capabilities. 





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