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New Products

12/19/2016 New Drain Valves & Adapters from Curtis & SAF-AIR
12/19/2016 Expanded Eligibility! King Air Fuel Drain Valve
12/15/2016 Shimmy Dampener Parts for Cessna Aircraft
11/30/2016 Approved! Seat Roller Housings for Cessna Aircraft
11/29/2016 Seat Adjustment Springs for Piper Aircraft
11/22/2016 Primary Exhaust Flange for Cessna Caravan
10/11/2016 Trim Wheel Shafts & Sprockets for Cessna Aircraft
9/21/2016 Rear Leg Seat Fitting and Seat Cargo Studs
9/14/2016 Wheel Seal Kits - Finally FAA-PMA Approved!
9/8/2016 Wing Strut and Landing Gear Fairings for Cessna
9/2/2016 Aileron Gap Seal Kit for Cessna Aircraft
7/20/2016 Brake Assembly & Master Cylinder Seal Kits
6/21/2016 Expanded Knots 2U Product Line
6/21/2016 New Control Surface Skins for Early Model Cessnas
6/6/2016 Approved! Flap Tracks for the Cessna Caravan
6/1/2016 .020" Thick Heavy Duty Upper Flap Skins for Cessna
5/31/2016 Nose Gear Spring Fork Needle Bearing for Caravans
5/25/2016 Baggage Door Latch/Lock Kits for Piper Aircraft
5/20/2016 New F. Atlee Dodge Offerings, Now in Stock!
5/19/2016 Cessna Brake Line Fairing Extrusion
4/28/2016 Flight Control Cables & Chains for Cessna Caravan
4/26/2016 Airforms Engine Baffles
4/5/2016 Airforms Cessna 208/208B Nose Gear Torque Links
3/30/2016 APS BlackSteel Brake Discs for Vans RV-10
3/29/2016 Propeller Balancing Bushing Kit
3/29/2016 Aircraft Wheel Balancer - More Axle Sizes!
3/20/2016 Extended Life Brake Lining for Caravan & Kodiak
2/19/2016 Seat Rollers for Piper Aircraft
2/19/2016 Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Material with Bi-Flex
12/2/2015 Main and Nose Strut Seal Kits for Beech Aircraft
11/23/2015 Axles for Cessna Aircraft - Now also in Titanium!
11/10/2015 Pin Punch Set with Replaceable Tips
11/6/2015 Stabilator Trim Tab Hinges for Piper Aircraft
9/24/2015 Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers for Lycoming Engines
9/9/2015 Torque Link Stop Lugs and Safety Plate
9/9/2015 Adjustable Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool
5/20/2015 Grease Felts and Retaining Rings
4/27/2015 CJ Aviation FAA-PMA and Overhauled Fuel Pumps
4/24/2015 Main Gear Door Hinge Pin for Citation 550 & 560
3/26/2015 AERO-Classics Oil Coolers - New Approvals
3/25/2015 Fuel Sampling Cup
3/13/2015 Field Repairable Drain Valves from Curtis
3/11/2015 Fuel Strainer Gasket MC0756041-1
3/11/2015 Parking Brake & Seaplane Rudder Return Cables
2/27/2015 Updated SwitchBox Control App
2/25/2015 Airforms, Inc. FAA-PMA Product Line
2/25/2015 Piper Wing Root Moulding P/N K65773-00
2/18/2015 Plastic and Fiberglass Trim and Fairings
2/13/2015 Aileron Rod Assembly for Piper PA28/28R
1/14/2015 Cessna Fuel Filler Neck & Tank Adapter Gaskets
11/10/2014 Fuel Primer Seal Kit
11/7/2014 Airstair Door Latch Cables for Beechcraft
10/29/2014 Cowl Saver Scoring Tool
10/24/2014 Fuel Injection/Hydraulic/Oxygen Line Union Cone
10/23/2014 New Dual Cowl Flap Control for Cessna 180C, 182B,C
10/23/2014 Buss Fuses
10/3/2014 Pitot Tube Screws
10/2/2014 Fuel Strainer Drain Cables for Cessna Aircraft
8/22/2014 Premium Engine Monitor Probe Packs
7/14/2014 Fuel Plunger Kit for Cessna Aircraft
7/10/2014 PROP GUARD Repair Kits and Installation Tool
6/20/2014 Chair Leg Stud Quick Release Anchor
6/16/2014 Cargo Tie Down Fittings for Brownline Style Track
6/16/2014 Seat/Cargo Tie Down Quick Disconnect Adapters
5/7/2014 Adel Clamps - MS21919W Series
4/21/2014 New Convenient Push-Pull Control Hardware Items
3/13/2014 Curtis Superior Valves
3/12/2014 PROP GUARD Anti-Abrasion Boots are back!
3/12/2014 Door Cables for Cessna, Piper & Beechcraft
3/11/2014 The SwitchBox
2/19/2014 King Air Fuel Drain Valve
1/8/2014 Small Radius Tube Bender
11/25/2013 Oil Access Door for Cessna Aircraft
11/15/2013 Oil Drain Back Tubes
11/15/2013 Rocker Cover Gaskets
11/14/2013 FAA-PMA Nose Strut Seal Kits for Cessna Aircraft
11/8/2013 Cabin, Fuel Shut Off, Mixture & Carb Heat Controls
9/23/2013 Engine Controls for Vans RV Series Aircraft
9/20/2013 Nose Gear Down Limit Switch for Piper Aircraft
9/18/2013 APS BlackSteel Brake Discs and Linings
9/6/2013 Flap Roller Kits - 208 Caravan & 336/337 Skymaster
9/5/2013 Door and Step Cables for Cessna 208 Caravan
8/26/2013 Cabin Entry Step for Cessna Aircraft
6/28/2013 Stene Aviation Products
6/12/2013 Metal Bundles
1/4/2013 Fuel Strainer Top Assembly for Cessna Aircraft
1/3/2013 Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener for Cessna Aircraft
9/6/2012 Fuel and Alcohol Pumps
8/31/2012 Improved Cessna 170/190/195 Elevator Trim Skins
8/28/2012 Marvel-Schebler Fuel Inlet Screen Gaskets/Pins
8/22/2012 Knots 2U Fiberglass Products
8/21/2012 Brownline Style Seat/Cargo Tracks
7/9/2012 FAA-PMA Replacement for Stewart Warner Oil Coolers
6/22/2012 Brake Bleed Valves for Cleveland & McCauley Wheels
6/6/2012 Cowl Flap Control for Early Cessna 180 Aircraft
5/11/2012 Expanded Eligibility for Cessna Fuel Vent Lines
5/1/2012 Wheel Bearing Cups and Cones
4/4/2012 FAA-PMA Baffle Seals for 172R,S Cessna Aircraft
4/4/2012 Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Material - Now even better!
3/21/2012 Aircraft Wheel Balancer
3/21/2012 Alternator V-Belts for Piper Aircraft
2/24/2012 Rudder & Elevator Hinge Bearing Kits for Caravans
2/16/2012 Compression Tester Extension for Rotax Engines
2/10/2012 Rudder & Elevator Hinge Bearing Kits for Caravans
1/24/2012 Seat Adjustment Spring for Piper Aircraft
11/29/2011 Piper Carb Heat, Alt Air & Cabin Controls
11/22/2011 Elevator and Rudder Skins for Cessna Aircraft
11/14/2011 Vent Tube Adapters for Cessna Aircraft
10/24/2011 Seat Rail Housing Gauge for Cessna Aircraft
10/17/2011 Improved Fuel Strainer Seals for Piper Aircraft
9/26/2011 Vernier-Assist Mixture and Throttle Controls
9/12/2011 Torque Link Repair Kits for Piper Aircraft
8/30/2011 Texas Aeroplastics Products
8/26/2011 Aileron Skins for Cessna 188 Ag Aircraft
8/11/2011 FAA-PMA Rod Ends for Cessna Aircraft
7/6/2011 F. Atlee Dodge Product Line
6/14/2011 Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuator Kit, Cessna 180-185
6/14/2011 Seat Rail Wear Gauge - Updated Instructions
5/18/2011 Improved Repair Kits for Continental Carb Heat Box
2/11/2011 Many New Engine Controls for Cessna Aircraft
2/10/2011 Main Gear Trunnion Bearings for SAAB Aircraft
12/3/2010 Taper Pin Removal Tool, Piper U-joint
11/12/2010 Universal Joint Kits for Piper Aircraft
11/1/2010 Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kits
10/5/2010 Universal Light-Weight Controls
9/29/2010 Improved Fuel Vent Lines for Cessna Aircraft
9/16/2010 Flap Tracks for Cessna Aircraft
9/16/2010 Repair Kits for Cessna Fuel Valves
7/14/2010 Fuel Quantity Transmitter for Piper Aircraft
6/7/2010 Elevator and Rudder Hinge Bearing Tool
5/12/2010 Quadrant Throttle Control- Dual Carb 912/914 Rotax
5/12/2010 Choke Controls - Dual Carb 912/914 Rotax Engines
5/7/2010 Universal Turn-to-Lock Controls
3/15/2010 Universal Push-to-Unlock Controls
3/12/2010 Compression Tester Extension - 14 mm or 18 mm
3/10/2010 Carburetor Heat Controls for Cessna Aircraft
3/2/2010 Oil Coolers
1/22/2010 Nose Gear Torque Link Repair Kits
1/8/2010 Fuel Reservoir Drain Plunger for Cessna 177
1/5/2010 MC6160 Push-to-Unlock Controls - Square Knob
12/15/2009 Wire Clamps, Bolt Style
12/14/2009 SAF-AIR Replacement O-Ring Kits
9/28/2009 Elevator and Rudder Bushings and Bearings
9/2/2009 Control Yoke Universal Joint for Cessna Aircraft
4/3/2009 Flap Roller Installation Tool
3/25/2009 Throttle Control - Dual Carb 912/914 Rotax Engines
3/3/2009 New Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Repair Kit
2/2/2009 Piper Stabilator Trim Kits
10/2/2008 Beechcraft Cables, Chains and Cable Stop
9/15/2008 Aileron and Flap Skins for Cessna Aircraft
6/12/2008 Nose Strut Seal Kit
3/26/2008 Intake Heat Deflector Assembly
11/30/2007 SAF-AIR Fuel and Oil Drain Valves
11/26/2007 New Rudder Pedals for Cessna Aircraft
11/19/2007 Seat Rails for Cessna Cardinal Aircraft
8/7/2007 Cessna Pulley Kits
6/22/2007 Cessna Motor Mount Lock Washers
10/24/2005 Flap Track Wear Gauge
9/9/2005 Intercylinder Engine Baffles
3/8/2005 Wheel Fairing Mounting Plates
11/24/2004 Cessna Citation Seat Rails
9/24/2004 Cessna Fuel System Parts
9/13/2004 Funnel that stops water
8/12/2004 Pulley Oil
5/3/2004 Piper Seat Rails
4/19/2004 SAFE-HEET 709SK GFCI Service Kit
12/1/2003 SAFE-HEET Temperature Controller
9/2/2003 OVER 200 New Cables
8/1/2003 Piper Cable Kits
4/30/2003 Grumman Throttle Controls
2/18/2003 MC41671 Series Continuous Loop Piper Trim Cables
11/25/2002 Cessna Carburetor Heat Parts and Kits
10/10/2002 Engine and Cowl Controls for New Cessna Aircraft
10/10/2002 Engine Controls for Piper Aircraft
6/26/2002 MCSK100 Flap Roller Service Kit

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