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Vinland Aerodrome, Inc.
aka Vinland Valley Aerodrome

696 East 1700th Road
Baldwin City, Kansas 66006

Airport Identifier: K64

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Vinland Aerodrome, Inc.

Vinland Aerodrome, Inc. offers airport services at the Vinland Valley Aerodrome (K64), a small airport located in historic Vinland, Kansas 10 miles south of Lawrence and 30 miles west of Kansas City.

Also located in Vinland is McFarlane Aviation Products, a manufacturer and distributor of quality FAA-PMA replacement aircraft parts.

Learn to Fly Here!

Vinland Aerodrome is a quaint country airport with a turf runway, very little traffic, and no control tower. It is ideal for the first time student. Learn to fly one step at a time. Learn the traffic pattern and how to communicate with local traffic without all the stress of a busy city airport.

Our Cessna 152 is the cleanest and most well maintained aircraft around. This efficient two seater is the perfect trainer! Low prices and student financing options makes this an unbeatable package deal. Intro flights and gift certificates available - please call Star or Cheryl at 800.544.8594 or email vinland@mcfarlaneaviation.com for details.

Our instructors offer flexible scheduling and the airplane can be conveniently scheduled online.


Currency Checkride Requirement
As of January 1, 2014 all private pilots (or higher rating) must have logged 3 hours in the same make and model aircraft within the last 90 days or an hour checkout is required by a flight instructor. The requirements for student pilots has not changed. All flights must be under the supervision of a flight instructor.

It is our goal to keep the cost of flying as low as possible while maintaining a safe operating environment.  

KDOT April Newsletter
Vinland flight instructor Ed Young's (Ed)itorial Spring Season Flying on page 3.


Airport Services:

Business hours are Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Please note that cell phone reception is sometimes poor or unavailable at the airport.

Airplane Rental Information:

Getting Started:

  1. Register to use our online flight scheduling service. Your account will be activated after your check ride or first lesson.
  2. Call or email an instructor (see the list of approved instructors below) to schedule a check flight or first lesson.
  3. Read, understand, and sign the Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations.
  4. Fill out and sign a Renter Information Form.
  5. Read, and sign the Aircraft Rental Release Form.
  6. Return the Aircraft Rental Release Form, Renter Information Form, and the signature page of the Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations to Vinland Aerodrome. You may either drop them off at the office, give them to the instructor before your check ride, or mail them to: 
             Vinland Aerodrome, Inc.
             696 E 1700 Road
             Baldwin City, Kansas 66006
  7. After your successful check ride, you may schedule a flight at any time using our online flight scheduling service. The code for Vinland Aerodrome is 103197. This code is to be used when creating a new user account for the purpose of reserving the rental aircraft.


      Gordon Bearss

      785.248.4454 (mobile)

      Jerry Gippner
      913.963.7951 (mobile)

      Ed Young

      Andrew Kilian

Instructor Rates:
Contact individual instructors for current hourly rates and payment methods.

Cessna 152 Rental Rates:
$78.00 per hour
$75.00 per hour for prepaid 10 hour block
$72.00 per hour for prepaid 40 hour block (1.5% discount if paid by cash)
(plus Sales Tax 7.5%)

Refunds on block time: To help accommodate the unexpected, refunds will be given after subtracting the used block time at the regular rate and if paid by credit card, the fees of 2.7%.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Your flight time will be billed to your credit card at the end of each month and a statement will be sent to you in the mail. Alternatively, you can prepay for block time using cash, credit or check. Gift Certificates are available for intro flights, rides or block time.

Instructors fees will be paid to the instructor after each lesson (unless other arrangements are made).

For financing plan and application, go to www.pilotfinance.com. To find quotes on Aircraft Renters Insurance, go to www.aopaia.com/renters.

An airplane may be scheduled using our online scheduling service after registering, following the link on the left side of this page to login (see the Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations for scheduling rules).

Fuel is included in the rental rate (see the Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations for more details).

Cessna 152:
Gross weight: 1670 lbs
Useful load: 494.9 lbs

Flight Log:
Kept in the aircraft

Aircraft Rental Information

Avemco Insurance Company has coverages designed especially for flying rented aircraft or if you need insurance on your aircraft or one you are planning to purchase. Visit Avemco to learn more, submit a quote request or buy online.


Emergency Contacts:

            Dave or Phylis McFarlane
            785.550.0097 (mobile)

            Cheryl Kurtz
            785.766.3073 (mobile)

            Emergency Plan

Forms and Documents:

Useful Links:

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